• Creating and Managing Fleet Quotes and Large Commercial Orders Just got Easy

    Simple 8 step process. Complete quotes in minutes. CAP integration.

  • Gain Full Management Visibility of Deal / Department Costs and Profit

    Includes part exchanges, discounts and auto calculated manufacturer bonuses.

  • Cloud Setup Allows Sales Staff to Connect Securely on Any Device

    Setup ensures full uptime with rapid speeds and full support. Hosted in the UK.

Fleet Quote and Order Management Solution



Express Quote Generator

Full DMS and CAP Integration

Pre-Set Vehicle Pricing & Lookup

Web Solution

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Dashboard Management & Reporting


Simple Quote Management

EMPOWER your employees with a solution which is preconfigured to ensure a speedy and professional approach to quote building. Working with any existing DMS, DQMS allows staff to quickly create orders, working through a stepped process which inlcudes Factory-Fitted Options (FFO’s) and Dealer Fitted Accessories (DFA’s) with the option to duplicate orders for multiple purchases.

DQMS also helps staff properly manage any discounts and gives visibility of any bonuses as well as profits per vehicle. All screens are designed to ensure the right processes are followed and the correct information is given to customers.

DQMS Sales Management

DQMS has a fully customisable dashboard allowing Sales Executives and Senior Management to track performance, including KPI tracking. Integrating directly with all Car Dealership Management Solutions (DMS), the DQMS solution also allows the creation of unique task-based goals for an order or customer.

Dashboards are linked with permissions, meaning Senior Management can setup their views to track team or district sales and individuals can monitor their own progress and targets.


CRM & Outlook Integration

Extas include: Live pricing from a web page; Mailchimp remarketing; delivery scheduling; Outlook reminders; real-time management reporting and custom dashboard.

CAP Integration

Full integration of CAP related services allows users to build full quotes based on live manufacturer pricing and available factory fitted options in minutes.

Secure Cloud Setup

Anywhere access to the quotation system and the ability to update order information on any device. Platform features full encryption and real-time monitoring for end-to-end security.

Accredited Ford Comms Specialist

DQMS also has specific modules designed for official Ford dealers but is perfect for any small, medium or large dealerships – selling both new and used cars of any make. We are also Ford Accredited for Dealer Assistance, with a support team who are able to manage Ford Specific services within eDealer including ETIS, EDealer, Cupid, FMP and Vista.

“With the system being developed not just for desktops and laptops but mobile devices, it means we can even create a quote or order on the move within just a few minutes.” 

Richard Arnold – Allen Ford UK – Group Fleet Director

Ford Accredited Dealer Assistance

Direct integration with Ford systems

Modular setup to ensure a tailored solution

Used in New Dealerships across the UK

Read our Case Study with Large Dealership Customer Allen Ford

Cloud Setup and Full UK Support

DQMS is hosted on a state-of the art Dell enterprise-grade Cloud platform in the UK, with multiple data centre instances and backups protocols.

Our 10Gb network includes multi-homing to provide optimised hosting. Facilities in Manchester and London ensure no single point of failure. Bandwidth is uncontended and aggregated from multiple Tier 1 suppliers.

All backups provide restoration of configuration data and content in the event of server or component failure. Backup servers are run on a separate network, with separate switches and connections at no additional cost. Typically, backups update weekly but can be tailored to requirements.

Support for DQMS

Support is provided by Kevin James Ltd (KJL) who will automatically roll out new software updates and security patches. Call them on 01268 627111 for assistance.

KJL also offer full user training for the solution, based in Basildon Essex at their private training centre.


DQMS: Priced to help your business grow

DQMS is a state-of-the-artbusiness solution which is priced to be accessible for any size dealership.

Licences: £9.95 per User (Minimum 10 licences)

Order Licences Now

Price includes: DQMS Solution | Support | Hosting | Backup Management | Data Compliance Control.

CAP Integration sold seperately and charged at £295. Remarketing and Mailchimp Integration / Data Reporting and Excel Integration options also available.

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Adding a Contact Chain – Follow-ups
DQMSWeb Version 1.13.0

Release Date: 01/07/2016

Summary of additions and changes to the latest version.

  1. Follow-up Event (Updated)

The new follow up event pop up that was included in the last version of DQMS-Web has been amended to add the follow up event to the End User rather than the Registered To customer.

  1. Editing Cost/Retail Pricing

A new permission level has been added to this latest release that will allow users with the correct permissions to amend cost and retail pricing on Orders.

The two respective fields can now be updated within Step 2 of the Quotation/Order process. All changes are recorded into the system event log.

  1. Quote Customer Lookup

A new feature has been added to the Customer look up routine within quotations.  This will vastly improve the time taken to look up a customer and add to the quotation during quote build process. To use:

  1. In the customer name field, enter either a partial or full search of the customer you require. Then click the magnifying glass to open the customer list pop-up.
  2. The customer lookup will then automatically filter based on this value. You are still able to then reset the filter is needed to look for a new search value.
DQMSWeb Version 1.12.9

Release Date: 03/06/2016

Summary of additions and changes to the latest version.

  1. Auto timeout period

DQMSWeb had an auto timeout period of 60 minutes. After this period, the system would automatically log users off for security. Feedback from users was that, due to daily distractions, this would often cause problems when a user was part way through a quotation. Therefore, we have now removed the time out period completely.

It is however, the user’s responsibility to log out of the system if you are leaving your desk for any period of time where you know you will not be returning.

  1. Customer Export

A new feature has been added which allows users to export lists of customers to Excel for external analysis.  The export function will export data based on the applied filter.

This new feature, which is available under the Manage Customers page, is permission controlled and is only available to users with suitable permissions.  If you require this feature to be activated under your login, please seek approval from your line manager before raising a ticket with the KJL support team.

  1. Default First Contact

When adding a new customer and contact, the system will automatically set the Default Contact flag to your first contact. If you intent to add more contacts to a specific customer, then you can apply the default contact flag to your preferred choice.

  1. Follow-up Event

When creating a new quotation, you will now be required to add a follow up event as you would with a normal customer event.  DQMS will complete a majority of the fields by default including the follow up date being set as 7 days ahead of the quotation creation date.  The follow up event will be based upon the following:

  • The event will be associated to the Registered To customer.
  • The event follow-up date will be 7 days ahead of the quotation date.
  • The event follow-up will be a phone call.
  • The customer default contact will be set as the person to contact.

The user interface will allow you to make changes to the default information before completing the event and saving.

DQMS will prompt to create the follow-up event within step 8 of the quotation process during the Finish stage.

Past Release Notes

Click here for older release notes.